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LEMO cables and connectors from Finland

All LEMO sales and production units are integrated in a global quality management system. This continuously improving system guarantees the high quality of the products and services. LEMO products are designed and manufactured according to rigorous and controlled processes. Our personnel has been trained according to LEMO's quality standards. Therefore, we have become the first LEMO certified service and production point in Finland. Tietosähkö has specialized in fiber-optic LEMO products such as HDTV camera cabling, but we also have strong copper solution know-how.


Our comprehensive range of connectors includes products for numerous types of demanding applications. LEMO connectors are used in a variety of industries, including research institutes, the military, aviation and space industry, industrial control systems, nuclear power plants, medicine, data systems and vehicle manufacturing industry.



LEMO 3K camera cable assemblies for newest broadcast camera technology

We can offer all components to your camera cabling system. Usually we use Lemo 3K-hybrid connectors and LEMO SMPTE PUR-jacketed cable. There are different cable constructions available for different systems and operating surroundings. You can also get cleaning sets for camera connectors from us.



Connectors : 

FUW.3K  Cable plug 

PUW.3K Cable socket 

FMW.3K Cable plug for panel

PEW.3K Cable socket for panel

FXW.3K   Panel plug

EDW.3K  Panel socket

EBW.3K  Panel socket

NEW Lemo 3k Hybrid connectors with Lemo FS- ferrules 








Tietosähkö Oy is the right place for you to get high-quality cables. We have more than 30 years of experience from fibre optic/copper connectors and cables. We are producing cables for example for telecom, datacom, HD-broadcast, military and aerial applications.


LEMO HDTV camera cables brochure 15.11.2016



Take a look at exsamples of connectors available

The extensive LEMO connector range includes connectors for many kinds of demanding applications, such as coaxial, multipolar, power supply, fiber-optic and hybrid applications as well as connectors for underwater use.



Take a look at exsamples of cables available

We are the first LEMO certified production and service point in Finland. Our company has specialized in fiber-optic LEMO products but we also have strong copper solution know-how.


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