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MDR digital LCD interface as a 20 or 26 contact connector
IEEE 1284C Interface as a 36 contact connector
Accepts a wide variety of cable constructions including flat, round, twisted pair.
Accepts a wide variety of shielded junction shells.
Contacts: 14, 20, 26, 36, 40, 50, 68, 80 and 100

Wiremount Plug, IDC, Shielded
10168-6000EC, 10150-6000EC, 10114-6000EC, 10168-6000EC, 101100-6000EC, 10136-6000EC,
10180-6000EC, 10136-6000EC, 10126-6000EC, 101100-6000EC, 10120-6000EC, 10150-6000EC,
10126-6000EC, 10150-6000EC, 10114-6000EC, 10168-6000EC, 10180-6000EC, 10140-6000EC,
10114-6000EC, 101100-6000EC, 10120-6000EC, 10168-6000EC, 10140-6000EC, 10136-6000EC,
10180-6000EC, 10126-6000EC, 10168-6000EC, 10140-6000EC, 10168-6000EC, 10120-6000EC



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