Copper Cabling



We deliver patch cables for a wide variety of applications. We can also manufacture cables according to customer’s specifications. In addition to equipment cables, we offer everything needed for building networks, such as wall outlets, panels, cabinets, connectors, adapters, dividers, converters and installation tools.



Patch Cables

Patch cables are customized to the customer's specifications. We also import different kinds of stock and patch cables that go through rigorous quality control and testing.


Cat8 Cabling

Our product range includes also Cat8 cabling products


Installation Cables

Data network installation cables for copper solutions - Cat6 and Cat7 network cables, coaxial and modular cables.



The most common connectors are presented on our web page. Please contact us if you need any other types of connectors. Our product portfolio also includes 3M’s, MDR and Amphenol connectors.


Extenders and Dividers

Extension connectors for extending cables and dividers for branching connectors in data and telecommunication networks.


Cross-connection Panels

19" and 10” metal frame panels for data and telecommunication networks


Data Wall Outlets

Wall outlets and accessories for data networks



Mounting cabinets and cabinet accessories for data and telecommunication networks


Open Racks

Metal frame open racks and wall mounting sets for panels




Tools for Installing Networks

Tools for installing networks: cutters, crimping tools, cable peelers etc.


Socket Sets

Grounded 19” socket sets for cross-connection cabinets and racks.

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