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Tietosähkö Oy was established in 1985 and it specializes in network cables. We produce and import components for building copper and fiber-optic networks. Our product portfolio includes high quality cables and connectors. The chief asset of Tietosähkö’s production is speed. One of our fundamental business principles is to deliver technically superior products. Accordingly, we have increasingly focused on special know-how and training in the recent years.

We are the first and only LEMO-certified production and service point in Finland, and we also serve as an official service point for Neutrik OpticalCon connectors. Tietosähkö has specialized in fiber-optic LEMO products such as HDTV camera cabling, but we also have strong copper solution know-how.


Our product portfolio includes cables and connectors as well as cross-connection cabinets and panels along with their accessories, computer junction boxes and fiber-optic products for local area networks. We import all the materials and components needed in the production process. 

Thanks to our extensive product portfolio we can provide all-inclusive service to our customers with all network equipment available under the same roof. Thanks to our own product development, we can deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the customer’s needs ranging from mass-produced products to customized special solutions. Many products in our product portfolio, such as panels, burglary protections, wall outlets and equipment cables are entirely designed and manufactured in Finland.


Manufacturing patch cables since 1985


Tietosähkö Oy manufactures yearly hundreds of thousands of patch cables for different applications customized with our own Products under the Lanet Brand. Pre-assembled cables constitute the largest product segment of our production. We manufacture cables according to the customer’s guidelines and deliver tested products with a warranty. We also produce a wide range of other products, the most important of which are cross-connection cabinets and racks, panels and computer junction boxes. 

Thanks to our production facility and state-of-the-art testing capabilities, we are able to deliver high-quality components to our customers. We work constantly to improve the components we use, so that their quality and technical features remain competitive. 

Our motto is “to deliver high quality products always on time.”

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Our Story

Our Story

Tietosähkö Oy was founded in the Ollikainen family home as a successor to the one-year-old one-man business Pitol. READ MORE >

Contact information

Contact information

Tietosähkö has two locations in Finland - Järvenpää and Rovaniemi

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