Fiber Optic Cabling



Products for Fiber-Optic Cabling

We manufacture fiber cables according to the customer’s specifications in our production facility in Järvenpää. All our imported fiber patch cords are tested with rigorous testing methods. We offer fiber-optic cables for almost all applications, such as installation cables for indoor and outdoor use, military and industrial applications and event cabling. Tietosähkö’s product portfolio includes all installation accessories needed for building fiber-optic networks, including terminal and joint boxes, cabinets, outlets, adapters and connectors.


Modern production processes, high-quality materials (supplied by, among others, OCC from USA and Helkama-kaapeli from Finland), rigorous testing methods and reliable deliveries simplify installation in the field, help achieve the quality targets and finish the job in time and reduce the overall cost. We also deliver fiber optic cables cut-to-length without connectors or equipped with connectors according to the customer's specifications. 


Fiber-Optic Cables

We manufacture and import installation, pigtail and equipment fibers and cut-to-length pre-assembled cables terminated with connectors, a box or a panel. We manufacture fiber cables for the most demanding outdoor and indoor applications.


Terminal Panels

Panels for terminating, extending and branching fiber-optic cables.


Terminal Boxes

Easy-to-use terminal and joint boxes for fiber-optic networks, along with outdoor joint boxes.


Server Room Cabling


FiberOptic Wall Outlets

The connector is easy to position in the Lanet fiber-optic outlets, which guarantees flawless operation of the line and excellent attenuation properties.



Couplers both for single and multimode fibers.


Neutrik OpticalCON Products

Neutrik OpticalCON connectors and cables.


Fiber-Optic Converters

Converters for fiber-optic networks


Tools for Optical Fibers

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