Sofix FCI Cable Assemblies



Sofix FCI cable assemblies are available at Tietosähkö Oy, Finland.


SOFIX® is a front IO interconnection system comprised of R/A headers and cable plugs, suitable for the distribution of power or signal. The design rules for the SOFIX® family of I/O connectors are derived from the Metral system (IEC 61076-104). As such, the SOFIX® system can be used as complement to the Metral® backplane connector family or applied as a dedicated I/O solution.


Examples of connectors available:

HM1C16D2J110EBLF Sofix ® - Cable Plug Kit - Signal - 4x6 – IDC

HM1C01D2C010N9LF  - Cable female 24pin 4 Row 


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