AV Cabling



Products for AV Cabling

Please contact us when you need professional AV cables. We also produce weather-resistant and durable event cables.

Our product portfolio also includes high-quality Neutrik and LEMO connectors and cables as well as XLR and RCA cables. In addition to cables we also offer connectors, adapters, wall outlets, converters and dividers for audio and video applications.



LEMO Service and Production in Finland

LEMO, Finland - We are a LEMO-certified production and service point in Finland. Our comprehensive range of connectors includes products for numerous types of demanding applications.


Service and Representation of Neutrik Products in Finland

The high-quality Neutrik products for transmitting audio and video


Event Cabling

When you need durable, flexible, weatherproof and heat-resistant cables, we recommend choosing our special cables in polyurethane housing.


AV Cables

HDMI, USB ja VGA cables and cables for AV installations.

AV Connectors

HDMI and coaxial connectors and keystone adapters


AV Outlets

HDMI, SVHS, USB, VGA, RCA, Cat6 and loudspeaker wall outlets

AV Adapters

HDMI and USB adapters



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