Lemo 3K camera cable assemblies for newest broadcast camera technology

We can offer all components to your camera cabling system. Usually we use Lemo 3K-hybrid connectors and LEMO SMPTE PUR-jacketed cable. There are different cable constructions available for different systems and operating surroundings. You can also get cleaning sets for camera connectors from us. 


Connectors : 

FUW.3K  Cable plug 

PUW.3K Cable socket 

FMW.3K Cable plug for panel

PEW.3K Cable socket for panel

FXW.3K   Panel plug

EDW.3K  Panel socket

EBW.3K  Panel socket


Tutustu esitteeseen ja LEMO:n kamerakaapelointituotteisiin. Valmistamme ja huollamme HDTV-kamerakaapelit.


HDTV-kamerakaapelointi (PDF)

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